First-time Homebuyer Savings Account marketing plan

We have been busy here at the Mississippi REALTORS® office in Jackson preparing for a comprehensive marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness about the First-time Homebuyer Savings Account program and our website FirstHomeMS.org.

As you are well aware, Mississippi recently passed the First-time Homebuyer Savings Account law, allowing individuals to deduct $2500 from state adjusted gross income annually by establishing a designated savings account. Couples can deduct $5000.

Mississippians are able to open accounts and start saving today. They can begin taking deductions in the 2018 tax year.

Between now and 2018, our goal is to let the professional communities and consumers throughout the state know that the program exists. As the governor said, “Go tell ’em!”

4-27-17 First time homebuyer

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The main thrust of the marketing campaign is to raise awareness of the new program and our website FirstHomeMS.org. We want to push people to the website where they can access flyers, videos, FAQs and other resources about buying their first home.

To achieve this we are creating flyers which can be shared on social media, printed for members, and sent to other professionals, such as bankers, CPAs, financial planners, homebuilders, and other stakeholders.

We are going grassroots and encouraging our REALTORS® to be the main source of information in their local communities by providing materials so they can meet with civic clubs and community groups to spread the message face to face.

We are also exploring a statewide print and broadcast media buy for 2018 through the MS Press Association and Mississippi Association of Broadcasters. On the digital side, we are looking at Google AdWords and Facebook to target market 18-34 year olds.

During June, we will host a press conference and website launch party. It will provide a venue to invite REALTORS®, elected officials, media, and other stakeholders.

Gov. Phil Bryant and the state legislature have given us a great opportunity to facilitate home sales and to help grow the economy. Our job now is to champion the program in our communities and show consumers that REALTORS® are unlocking homeownership for Mississippians.


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