Legislative Activities

Mississippi REALTORS® is the voice for real estate in Mississippi, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our active legislative team works in conjunction with the Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee to monitor, review, propose and evaluate legislation that protects property owners and affects REALTORS® and the real estate industry. It’s all part of our commitment to the REALTOR® Party values we hold dear.

What Have Our Legislative Activities Accomplished?

Mississippi REALTORS® are proud of our legislative victories. Review the legislative session reports below to see our contributions to a political environment that REALTORS® like you can stand behind: one that reflects your perspectives, addresses your concerns and supports your commitment to healthy, thriving communities.

2017: Created a First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account law that allows Mississippians to save for the purchase of a first home by deducting up to $2,500 annually from adjusted gross income ($5,000 for couples).

2016: Worked to pass legislation that requires all new and current real estate licensees to submit to a background check as well as fingerprinting before being issued a real estate license.

2015: Worked for passage of a bill prohibiting bad faith assertions of patent infringement, protecting REALTORS® from the demands of “patent trolls.”

2015: Helped establish Catastrophe Savings Accounts to assist consumers in paying insurance deductibles and other uninsured losses to their residence.

2014: Provided an avenue to allow commercial real estate brokers to obtain and foreclose on a lien if a property buyer/seller or lessee/lessor fails to pay the broker the agreed-upon commission fee.

2014: Worked for passage of the Headquarter Relocation Tax Credit, encouraging out-of-state companies to relocate their home offices in Mississippi and build the economy.

2013: Provided you protection when reporting square footage by the passage of legislation limiting Licensee Liability for Square Footage Representations.

2012: Enacted Uniform Mitigation Standards for Homeowners to tie home fortification against storms to discounts on insurance premiums.

2011: Supported the passage of legislation that allows you to be compensated for providing Broker Price Opinions.

2011: Protected homeowners from an increase in construction costs and an increase in existing property costs by defeating attempts to impose impact. fees

Legislative Updates

Capitol Building in Jackson
Mississippi REALTORS® is proud of our legislative victories.

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