Boards and Commissions

In addition to its legislative advocacy efforts, The Mississippi REALTORS® constantly monitors, evaluates, and engages in regulatory affairs of the real estate profession.  While the Mississippi REALTORS® support the Mississippi real estate license law, certain elements of the real estate profession are under the jurisdiction of Boards and Commissions.

While there are over one hundred boards, commissions, and agencies in Mississippi, there are three boards/commissions that regulate activity impacting REALTORS® in Mississippi.  These three bodies include:

Pursuant to Mississippi law, these regulatory bodies are made up of political appointments made by the Governor and some by the Lieutenant Governor.

The Secretary of State website includes a detailed breakdown of each board, commission, and agency- including each member serving on the board, who appointed that member, the term length, area of residence, and number of terms served.

To view a complete list of the Boards, Commissions, and Agencies in Mississippi, please visit the Secretary of State’s website here.

How Do I Receive an Appointment?

The Mississippi REALTORS® believe active involvement in political activity is a privilege and responsibility of every citizen.  We urge qualified individuals to make themselves available for public service.  We encourage continuing participation in local, state, and national political affairs.

One of the many benefits of membership in the Mississippi REALTORS® is the powerful voice the association has to recommend qualified candidates for political appointments to the boards and commissions that regulate the practice of real estate in Mississippi.

Here is an outline of the Appointment process:

Two to three months prior to the start of the Legislative Session, the Mississippi REALTORS® government affairs staff will review the term length, eligibility, and potential vacancies that may exist on real estate industry boards and commissions.  The Mississippi REALTORS® will notify the general membership of any vacancies on the boards and commissions and request completed applications from interested REALTORS®.

To be eligible for consideration and recommendation, the REALTOR® must satisfy all of the statutory requirements as prescribed in Mississippi law and complete the Mississippi REALTORS®  Appointment Application. While there are a variety of factors the Mississippi REALTORS® Executive Committee will review prior to making a recommendation, some specific criteria REALTORS® are encouraged to consider include:

  • Political Involvement
  • REALTOR® Association participation
  • Civic involvement
  • History of violations within the real estate industry
  • Additional letters of recommendation

Access the Mississippi REALTORS® Appointment Application here.

Does MAR only recommend one candidate?

No, the Mississippi REALTORS® may recommend up to three names for each vacancy.

Does a recommendation from the Mississippi REALTORS® guarantee an appointment?

Ultimately, the decision for these political appointments is up to the appointing official.  The Mississippi REALTORS® take great pride in making recommendations for appointments to these boards, commissions, and agencies; however, applicants should acknowledge that an endorsement/recommendation from the Mississippi REALTORS® does not guarantee an appointment by the appointing official.

What is the timeframe for the appointment process?

Prior to the Legislative Session: Review any expiring terms on the real estate industry boards, commissions, and agencies and announce the open positions to the general membership.  Interested and qualified candidates (even if an appointee is seeking reappointment) must complete and submit an Appointment Application to the Executive Committee.

At the start of the Legislative Session, the Vice President of Government Relations shall present the formal recommendations on behalf of the Mississippi REALTORS® to the appointing official for consideration.

Typically, the appointing official will review and make a final determination in the latter part of the legislative session.  Once a nominee is selected, the appointing official’s office will have a vetting process before the nominee is presented to the Senate.

Once selected, the nominee is subject to the Advice and Consent of the Mississippi Senate.  Traditionally, the nominations to boards and commissions are taken up by the Senate in the last days of the Legislative Session.

If Mississippi REALTORS® recommend me for a position and I complete the application, do I need to do anything else to be considered?

Political appointments can be just that- political.  While Mississippi REALTORS® will make a formal recommendation and advocate in favor of a candidate/candidates, those recommended candidates should consider contacting their legislators and others for additional support.  Additionally, endorsed candidates are welcome to contact the Vice President of Government Relations with additional questions.

Mississippi REALTORS® constantly monitors, evaluates, and engages in regulatory affairs of the real estate profession.

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