Move the Vote Registration Initiative

“Move The Vote” is a voter registration initiative by Mississippi REALTORS® designed to help Mississippi homebuyers register to vote in the jurisdiction to which they are relocating.

How does the “Move the Vote” initiative work?

  • Mississippi REALTORS® provide voter registration materials to home buyers and sellers at the real estate closing. See the links below for information for buyers and sellers.
  • REALTORS® can complete the form in advance or have the client complete the form at closing.
  • Drop the completed registration form in the mail to the appropriate Circuit Clerk.
  • The newly registered voter(s) will receive new voting precinct and polling place information by mail a few days later.

Why are REALTORS® involved in this initiative?

  • The real estate closing is the perfect opportunity to register a home buyer or seller to vote.
  • If the buyer or seller is relocating from a different state, county or different precinct in the same county, this service welcomes the home buyer into the community by plugging them into civic involvement.
  • Because the REALTOR® is a significant participant in that closing meeting, he or she is well positioned to provide this an important public service.

The Mississippi electronic voter registration form is available for use by anyone through the Secretary of State’s website.

Or to access the Secretary of State’s voter information, go to: Mississippi Voter Registration Form (PDF)

Important Dates to Remember

For more information about current Voter Registration deadlines, visit the Mississippi Secretary of State’s website
Here: https://www.sos.ms.gov/elections-voting/voter-registration-information.

The real estate closing is the perfect opportunity to register a home buyer to vote.

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