Recognizing that leadership development is an essential element in the process of improving our Association and profession, the Mississippi Association of REALTORS® administers its LeadershipMAR Program. Through this program, MAR attempts to identify emerging REALTOR® leaders in the state, encourage them with substantive instruction and activities, and assist in sharpening their leadership skills in the hope they will exert a strong positive influence on the future of the Association and profession.

The participants work together in a training course which combines individual study, group sessions, and actual project experience in using leadership skills. Training sessions include identification of leadership skills, team-building exercises, procedures for goal setting, personal profile analysis, network building, and improving communications skills.

2007 LMAR Class
2007 LMAR Class
2009 LMAR Class
2009 LMAR Class
2006 LMAR Class
2006 LMAR Class
2005 LMAR Class
2005 LMAR Class

Objectives of the LeadershipMAR Program are:

  • To identify Mississippi REALTORS® who have demonstrated leadership potential through job-related and community activities.
  • To train participants by developing leadership skills.
  • To motivate participants by:
    • Increasing awareness of real estate and association management issues and challenges.
    • Involvement in problem-solving activities on issues of current interest; and
    • Providing a network of leaders across the state who are actively involved in improving our Association and profession

Application Procedure

Applications for the LeadershipMAR Program are invited from MAR members interested in participating.

Applications are reviewed and participants are selected by an anonymous committee of MAR members. The number of participants selected is limited to 12 to encourage maximum personal participation. Efforts are made to balance participants according to business specialty, geography, race and sex.

Tuition for the program is $1295. This includes the training sessions, meals, overnight accommodations for the sessions and instructional materials. Additional costs to the participants will include transportation from home to the meeting or retreat site and minimal expenses which may be incurred during the field exercise phase of the program.

Application forms should include as much information as possible. However, answers should be limited to the space available.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2024 Class of LMAR. Deadline to apply is Monday, December 1, 2023. To access the application, CLICK HERE.


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Rope Climbing

Selection Criteria

Participation in LeadershipMAR is open to REALTORS® living in the state of Mississippi. A maximum of 12 individuals will be appointed to participate in the program. Since the number of appointments to LeadershipMAR is limited, applicants who are not selected are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years.

Participants will be chosen by the LeadershipMAR Selection Committee based upon the information completed on this application. The Committee will be seeking representation from a cross-section of the profession. These leaders and potential leaders will be active in either business, education, the arts, religion, government, community-based organizations, ethics or minority groups, or real estate specialty areas, and will reflect the diversity of the organization.

Attendance at retreats and quarterly sessions is mandatory. Those who fail to attend may be asked to withdraw, with no refund of tuition.

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