Member Benefits

Your membership in Mississippi REALTORS® is an investment in your success. That’s because membership comes with valuable benefits you can’t get any other way. What are they? We’re glad you asked. Here’s the list.

Take Full Advantage Of Your Benefits

In Mississippi’s competitive real estate business, our members have the advantage.

Your Mississippi REALTORS® membership gives you:

  • Efficient and cost-saving resources to boost your bottom line
  • Exclusive discounts on the tools you need to run your business
  • Professional growth and networking opportunities to build your career
  • Greater community trust based on the REALTOR® Code of Ethics
  • Community standing as the preferred professional partner in real estate
  • Community standing as the preferred property rights advocate
  • Greater client confidence in your expertise, influence and professionalism
  • Professional representation in one of the state’s largest trade associations
  • Political representation in one of Mississippi’s largest PACs
  • Ongoing access to the state’s highest quality real estate education through the Mississippi REALTOR® Institute

Simply put, Mississippi REALTORS® is the statewide hub for all things REALTOR® or real estate related in Mississippi. We keep our members informed and up-to-date on the trends, issues and opportunities they need to know about to maintain a successful career in Mississippi’s ever-changing real estate industry.  We also help our members stay more productive, and more profitable, with convenient tools and discounts that save valuable time and money.

Non-member real estate agents don’t enjoy the same level of professional support or community prestige that members of Mississippi REALTORS® do. As a member of Mississippi REALTORS®, you hold a valued place in communities throughout Mississippi as an expert in the state’s real estate business, an advocate for property rights protection issues and a preferred partner for real estate proceedings.

If real estate is your business, take full advantage of your Mississippi REALTORS® membership. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your career.

Get Even More Out Of Membership

The simple act of getting involved brings members even more opportunities. Join your fellow members in a Mississippi REALTORS® committee or apply for a coveted spot in one of our transformative professional development programs, like LeadershipMAR.

Member Benefits
Simply put, Mississippi REALTORS® is the statewide hub for all things REALTOR® or real estate related in Mississippi.

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